Ambassador - Guatemala : 24A07GU

Jul 6 2024 - Jul 26 2024
Antigua, GT

Known as "The Land of Eternal Spring", Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in Central America.

If you feel that stirring inside your heart to step out and grow in your faith, you’re hungry to experience God moving all over the world, and you want to learn how to share the life-changing love of Jesus with people you meet, then you absolutely do not want to pass up this opportunity to join our Ambassador trip to Guatemala.

Tourists travel from all over the world to climb its volcanoes, drink its coffee, and zip line through the rainforest.  However, the true beauty of Guatemala is its people.  Gripped by poverty, the people of Guatemala hunger for the Kingdom of God. The majority of Guatemalans practice a form of Catholicism, and it's estimated many also mix in ancient tribal religions and cultural traditions into their faith.

You'll get to serve alongside our Adventures Guatemala Base in Antigua and take part in a lot of different community outreaches in the towns around our Base.

The Guatemala Base staff wants you to experience the wide variety of ministry they get to be part of, so you will get to serve in many ways. You will visit the Chimaltenango dump and build relationships with the people that live there and lead VBS style camps with the children. You will also get to visit people in their homes and share the Gospel and help with improvement projects around the base and in the community. Somedays you and your team will get to pray and ask the Lord to lead you in your ministry for the whole day—an activity we call Ask the Lord! It's amazing. 

Ministry will take place in Spanish and if your team cannot speak the language, translators will be provided. You are encouraged to learn words and phrases while on your trip and speak in Spanish as best as you can! 


  • Stove Installation: Many of the local Guatemalan families that live below the poverty line cook over a fire in their home. This leads to major problems from smoke inhalation, but is a generally accepted way of life. Installing stoves into these families’ homes is a great way to show love to the community and begin a relationship that will hopefully guide them toward Jesus.

  • Clean Water: Many of the same families also struggle to access clean water in their homes. This also provides us an opportunity to meet a felt need and share the love of Jesus as we install water filtration systems and train people about the importance of clean water.

  • Church Mobilization: We partner with local churches to train up Guatemalan missionaries. This is a great opportunity to invest in Guatemalans that will eventually move to another country to share the love of Christ, make disciples and plant churches.


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