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Thank you for coming to my ministry partner page! I'm so honored that you would prayerfully consider joining my Ministry Partner Team.

Joining me creates a lasting impact worldwide! Your prayers and generosity empower me to lead Beauty for Ashes, where the profound redemption of God in women is inspiring transformative actions. A participant shared, "I can't keep what God did at the retreat to myself; it's too good! I have to share what God has given me!" Our impact in 2023 was truly remarkable!
  • 42 Locations around the world
  • 6,074 Women impacted by Beauty for Ashes
  • 177 Women hosted a Beauty for Ashes Gathering
  • 123 Women were certified through our Facilitator Training 
  • 283 Retreats & gatherings
  • 113 Mission trip participants

Thank you for your partnership! :)