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It’s incredible to consider that every living, breathing organism was given breath for life today. That my friends, includes us. Without breath we cannot live, we cannot speak, we cannot enjoy the blessings of life. I am in awe by this fact of life. I think we often times over complicate both life and religion. We think if we do this right or that wrong we will be judged by God or by the world. Yet God just wants to give us life and give us life abundantly, more than we could think or ask or imagine! (John 10:10) Therefore, with our lives we do not have to achieve anything to be loved by God. In fact, He created us just to live and to breathe not to work or stress or uphold the expectations we place on ourselves. So let us give Him back to Him the breath, He so generously renews within us each day. Let us wake up daily with a shout of thankfulness for breath in our lungs and new life each day.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” Psalm 150:6

I hope this video is a reminder and encouragement to you to join the church (believers of God everywhere) in giving worship, or adoration, or praise back to God for your life. Though we may be scattered all throughout the Earth, we are united in life through our Creator. We all get one life from dust to dust and then an eternal opportunity to live with God or to live in Hell. It’s a simple decision to admire the creation and the Creator. Will you join me and my friends that I have met all around the world in giving thanks to God for your life?

Every morning we wake up again and again with breath in our lungs without effort. Then we usually make the decision to get out of bed and continue to breathe without thought as we complete our daily tasks. How do we maintain breath and life? Personally, I’m no scientist but I do know that this is how we were made to exist.

Wow. Life is a gift. We are each a precious breath of existence. That’s what I’ve been learning all around the world. We’re all born with breath in our lungs and therefore a life to live until that breath stops. Yet how often do we stop and consider our continuous breath? I’m sure if you’re like me, it’s just not often enough. However, when I do stop to consider my life and breath of my lungs, I am full of adoration for my creator. And as I begin to take this thought and consider all forms of life, I’m pushed deeper into adoration for the One who made it all. How can we not thank God for life?!

I hope this video collection of people we’ve encountered all over the world giving adoration, or praise back to their maker is encouraging. I hope it pushes you to consider the life you live and how you live it. Literally, maybe you need to take a moment to consider how your body keeps moving each day.

We can’t always understand the ways which people live all over the world but we can understand that they are living, breathing humans just like we are. They have been uniquely and divinely made for a purpose just as we have. And they are motivated to acknowledge and adore their maker just the way we should be.

Join me as through this video we celebrate the significance of life and the reason we live. For we are all God breathed and created in his image (Genesis 2:7). He is so very deserving of our adoration and worship for just this one reason.

As you’ll see here, worship can come in many different forms. It’s simply giving adoration to God for your life. It doesn’t have to look the same as the person standing next to you. It’s really not that complicated. In fact our uniqueness is just another point for adoration. As we all adore the same God, we create the church as He designed it to be; full of all kinds of life through the breath He has planted in each of our lungs.

​​​​​​The many people in this video do come from all over the world: The United States, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa, Lesotho, eSwatini, and Rwanda. These are the places I have visited so far on this journey. Some of the faces you'll see in this video have experienced drug addiction, abuse, abandonment, hurt, loss, hunger, divorce, and the list goes on. Yet they have all experienced the love of God through continued breath in their lungs and therefore choose to worship Him.