God at work in Puerto Rico

Our team's time in Puerto Rico was absolutely amazing. Of all the projects that we did, street evangelism was the most intimidating and what we felt the least equipped to do. Our trip leaders were really good at training us, and then encouraging us, and leading us in the moment as we were talking to people. And the beautiful thing was to see how each conversation was clearly a Divine appointment that God had planned. As we spoke to strangers, things quickly came to light that we had in common with the person. For one it was raising special needs children, for another, it was going through a scary operation. For me, it was something as simple as a love for a good cup of coffee.

We met Fannie in the food court of a mall. Like so many of the people in Puerto Rico, she was eager to talk about God. She was born in Columbia but came to Puerto Rico in her youth. She married a Puerto Rican, had children in Puerto Rico, and raised them in Puerto Rico, but had also spent some time living in New York and loved the people there as well. After asking us how we liked Puerto Rico, she quickly asked us if we had had Puerto Rican coffee. When we said no, she decided she must quickly remedy that and purchased lattes for each adult on our team!

She sat alone with me for nearly an hour over coffee sharing how God had protected her from Hurricane Maria and the two earthquakes, spared her home, and blessed her, her whole life through. Fannie patiently listened about how God is working in my life, asked about my children, and graciously helped me with my Spanish along the way. I learned more in that one conversation than I had in hours of study back home. We were able to bless her with a solar lantern and a Life Straw (personal water filter), but the Lord worked through her to bless us as and teach me as well.